Mobile Traffic projected to grow 10 fold in the next 5 years

Ericsson published a case study this past week that was reported in Techcrunch projects Mobile traffic to grow to over 5 billion users by the end of 2016.   While the study’s findings are questioned by some because population growth during the same time period is only projected at 1% – it suggests that mobile traffic has far from plateaued and will continue to spike despite only modest projected global population growth.   The report suggests that most of the growth will occur in densely populated urban areas, citing that over 60% of the usage will occur in just 1% of the the earth’s land mass.  Other factors include projected growth among the prepaid mobile population (most of Africa and other developing world countries).

So what does this all mean?  Mobile is here to stay.  Mobile traffic will continue to spike.  If you are not thinking about how to position your law firm for mobile visibility – they you’re not connecting the dots!

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