Our Incident Center Specific Features

Personal Injury

  • Document Accident Data
  • Capture Photos
  • Take Witness Statements
  • See An Example

Criminal Defense

  • Criminal Defense Form
  • Collect & Store Evidence
  • Learn Your Rights When Arrested
  • See An Example

Medical Malpractice

  • Store Facility or Hospital
  • List Medical Professionals Involved
  • Send Incident Info To Law Firm
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Workers Compensation

  • Record Employer Information
  • Describe Accident & Injury
  • Send Photos & Audio to Law Firm
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Nursing Home Abuse

  • Store Facility Information
  • Inform of Abuse Type
  • Send Photos & Witness Info
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Consumer Law

  • Log Incoming Calls and SMSs
  • Store/Organize Household Debt
  • Link to Do No Call Registry
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Our App Features

These can be added to any practice area app. The beauty of our apps is that you can to build your product according to your law firm’s needs.

When In An Accident

Tip Checklist Provide legal tips or a helpful checklist.

notepad@2xYou can provide your clients and app users an extremely helpful legal resources by giving them an “accident checklist” or a “know your rights” guide they can use when they are pulled over or in an accident.

Expense Log Track all expenses to help build your case.

expense@2xOur expense log makes it easy for your clients to track their injury-related expenses so they can be sure to get the compensation they deserve.

Proof of Insurance Easily save and display proof of insurance.

Proof of InsuranceWith this feature, users can take a photo of their auto or even health insurance and store it right in your law firm app. If they lose their card, they’ll have your app to thank for the back-up photo.

Flashlight Turn your device into a bright flashlight.

FlashlightWhether they were in an accident at night or just need to find something in the dark, they’ll have this no-brainer utility right in your app. This turns the device screen white and turns on the camera flash for extra light.

Protect & Prevent

Call a Taxi Quickly call for a taxi right from your app.

Call A TaxiWhether your clients need a ride home from an accident or have had a few too many drinks, they can easily call for a taxi without having to look up any phone numbers thank to this feature that can be in your app.

I’m Being Arrested Quickly text a loved one when you’re in trouble.

I'm Being ArrestedThis feature let’s you quickly send a text message to a pre-set loved one letting them know you’re in trouble. You can also send a map link with your GPS location.

BAC CalculatorEstimate your blood alcohol content.

BAC CalcA helpful feature that uses drinks and body weight to provide the user an estimate of their blood alcohol content levels. We are sure to note that these are estimates only and not to be used to judge driving capability.

Record An Audio Clip Record and store audio memos in your app.

Record Audio ClipHaving an audio recording device on hand is very useful when you need to grab witness statements or even record the audio of an officer that may be harassing you after pulling you over.

Present Your Firm

Call Our FirmClients can easily call your firm from your app.

call-main@2xWhy should users need to fumble around with business cards? With your app, they can quickly call your firm right from the home screen.

About Our Firm Potential clients can learn about your law firm.

About Our FirmClients want to know they have a solid team backing their case. Let them know exactly who you are with attorney bios, law firm achievements and show them what practice areas your team takes on. We dedicate an entire section to your About section.

Office Locations Show maps and driving direction to your law firm.

Office LocationsDisplay your office location on a map for your clients to find without having to search the web. They can even start driving directions to your office right from within the app. One office or many, we’ll make sure they are in your app.

Disclaimer Display your legal disclaimers within the app.

DisclaimerWhen offering any legal resources or advice, we provide an easy location for you to let users know that they are not agreeing to an attorney-client relationship just by downloading your app.

Connect & Share

Live Chat Increase leads with live chat in your app.

Live ChatMany clients are using a live chat system on their website to help encourage interaction and convert leads. If your current live chat system is mobile friendly, then we can add that feature to your mobile app at no additional cost. If you don’t have one, we can refer you to some compatible Live Chat providers.

Case Evaluation Easy to use case evaluation form.

scale@2xOur incident center intake forms provide the client with a large questionnaire. However, many clients prefer to fill out a basic general case evaluation form before they start to send over their full incident report. This feature is perfect for that.

Social Media PagesGrow your online social following.

Social PagesWhether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or you have a great blog you update regularly, your clients will have easy access to your social pages since they are right in your mobile app.

Share My App A great way to increase app downloads.

Share My AppThis may be one of the best features for you. As your clients begin to find the usefulness of your app, they will have a feature designed to tell others about it. With a tap, they can share it through text, email or even post a link to your app on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

The best way to get an idea of our app features is to download one and try it for yourself!