Attorney Apps: a Want or a Need?

A few years ago Attorney Apps were definitely a want! Of course lawyers were also fascinated with the increasing popularity of Apps and it was just the coolest thing to do, getting your own App. It was just like wanting the latest Prada sunglasses or owning the coolest Gucci 3-piece suit! Attorney Apps started more as a fashionable item, and in a few months attorney firms were quickly catching up!

Later on, a second phase came by, where Attorney Apps were still a want, but became a need when it comes to marketing. We all know that fashionable items do not make you the best lawyer, but they definitely make you look like one! Unfortunately, people still use their visual perceptions to discriminate upon and make their choices, when choosing their service provider. This is the reason why, at times you get a company who offers a ‘not so good’ service, but because they market themselves professionally and their ‘front of house’ makes one feel confident, they still get thousands of new customers to sign up. At this stage Attorney Firms started looking at Apps as a way to look good, relevant and up-to-date.

Today, it is a whole different story. Attorney Apps are no longer a want but are definitely a need! Although having your own App is still considered cool and portrays you as relevant, a new meaning is assigned to this commodity. With the number of smart phone owners increasing every year, traditional marketing tools are being slowly phased out. Speed is the new currency. When people want something, they expect to have it within the shortest time possible, and with the least inconvenience. If you own an App they are simply going to get their mobile out of their pockets, click a button and they are immediately connected to you! An app can also make your work easier as it guides your clients on what items they need to gather for an accident, what evidence they should be collecting and other items that will help build their case before you even look into their incident. Today, clients understand that an Attorney App is not simply a cool item their lawyer owns but a rather important tool they need on their mobile phone.

The choice is simple: either you have a mobile app and continue to keep up with your competition and today’s changing world, or you don’t, and you will be left behind.