Apple goes bananas….

It was hard to miss this news, as it was front page on most major journals:  just prior to the release of the “new iPad” Apple CEO Tim Cook discussed the numbers.  In short, Apple has sold a total of 315 million iOS devises (iPhones, iPads, iPod touches) since inception.  Most incredible about these numbers is the fact that Apple sold 62 million devices in the 4th quarter of 2011 alone.  Wow.  We keep hearing about the fast growth and saturation of droid devices – but these 4th quarter results are FLAT OUT IMPRESSIVE.   15.4 million of the 62 million were iPads, which suggests that 40+ million were iPhones.   What does this mean for those who are considering an app for their business?  Apple ain’t going anywhere.   When you consider the likelihood that people will stick with Apple once they buy Apple, developing apps for the Apple ecosystem should be a great play for many years to come.