Android the front runner in Smartphone market share

Yesterday announced that Android has attained 32% of the smartphone market share, up from a mere 13% in 2010.   All projections suggest that the Google powered Android platform will continue to dominate the mass market as the fastest growing sector is the mid-tier, lower priced segment of the smartphone marketplace.   If we were to liken the smartphone market to the auto market, iPhone seems to be a niche luxury brand, much like BMW, whereas Android is positioned to be the transmission that powers all the major mass market vehicles: Ford, Chevy, Toyota, Honda and all the smaller up and coming niche makers.   This can be seen in the adoption of lower priced smartphones coming out of vendors based in China and India that will utilize the android operating system.   With Google’s acquisition of Motorola they gained much needed ammunition for any legal defenses related to patient infringement – as they acquired over 24,000 current and pending patents.

Great.  So what does this mean for mobile app development?  We recommend that they you position yourself for both markets.  If your considering building an app, build two: one for iphone and one for droid marketplace.

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