6 Apps That Will Improve Your Life

The Huffington Post has released a list of 6 Apps that will make you a better person:

Terrible at remembering names? Download Namerick and never say “Heyyyy… man” to your sister’s new boyfriend again.

Organize your life with to-do list app Clear. It’s pretty and easy to use. And you won’t forget to buy your significant other an anniversary gift.

Thank you notes are much better to receive than thank you texts. The people at Thank You Pen will write your note on high-quality paper in real pen, and then send it your recipient in first class mail.

GoTime keeps track of your calendar events, location, and estimated travel time so you’re never late to anything ever again.

Perfect Photo is a powerful photo editor than can whiten your friend’s teeth before you post it to Facebook.

Organize your goals, tasks, and health routines with Habits Pro. At the very least it will get you to floss more.

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