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Kohler Hart Law Firm – Criminal Defense App

The Kohler Hart Law Firm is based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and specialize in criminal defense. Our criminal defense apps help their clients by providing them with utilities such as a BAC Calculator, quick access to call a Taxi or they can easily seek out legal representation by filling out the Criminal Defense form.

App’s Description:

The Wisconsin Criminal Defense Law app provided by the Kohler & Hart, SC can provide assistance if you’ve been arrested. Some of the app features include:

  • “I’m Being Arrested” Quick Text – Send a pre-filled Text Message to a friend containing a message of you being arrested along with your currect GPS location with just a few touches
  • BAC Calculator – *Calculate your Blood Alcohol Content by entering the data
  • List of the Rights you have when you are stopped by a police officer
  • Social Media in the App
  • Plenty of helpful resources that will keep you well-informed on different types of DUI offenses
  • Contact and Location Information to a law firm that specializes in Criminal Defense cases

* The BAC Calculator is for estimation purposes only. The BAC estimates should not be used to infer anyone’s ability to operate a motor vehicle.

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