Mobile Devices a Popular Resource for Hungry Consumers

The Interactive Advertising Bureau published the results of a study this week dealing with the impact of mobile devices on ordering food. The report, published by the company’s Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence found that more than two-thirds of consumers have placed online orders for food pick-up or delivery via mobile devices.

The report shows that hungry consumers are using smartphones and tablets to connect with their favorite restaurants. More than fifty percent of mobile users have downloaded at least one restaurant-specific app, according to the report. Additionally, 55 percent of mobile users have used at least one “multi-restaurant” app, such as Yelp (the most popular, with a 37% market share), followed by Urbanspoon (24%) and Zagat (9%).

Ann Bager, Vice President and General Manager of the IAB’s Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence said the research illustrates the growing popularity of mobile devices. “This research highlights the fact that mobile internet is increasingly becoming a vital tool to help consumers navigate their everyday lives – even when it comes to simple tasks such as ordering a pizza,” Bager said. “Restaurant and fast-food chain marketers should pay close attention to this trend and take advantage of the opportunities that mobile offers.” She recommends restaurants make mobile advertising a “key part” of their marketing strategy.

In addition to ordering food, the research revealed that a great many consumers use their mobile devices to research restaurants. The report found that 44 percent of those surveyed indicated regularly using a smartphone or tablet to find restaurant phone numbers. Nearly 40 percent of respondents said they also use mobile devices to look at menus and get directions.

The research also revealed that financial rewards are the most likely path to driving online ordering. More than three-quarters of respondents (78%) said discounts would make them more likely to order food via a mobile device, and 64 percent said loyalty points would have the same impact.

Greg Consiglio, President and COO of Viggle, which sponsored the study, said restaurant marketers should consider these insights when planning for future mobile campaigns. “Mobile users are clearly looking for benefits to motivate them in transitioning their food ordering experience onto their smartphone or tablet,” Consiglio said. “Dining establishments and fast food giants should continue to leverage new incentive based platforms for ordering via mobile devices, providing their customers with the easiest possible way to place an order.”

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