Market Your Law Firm With A Legal Mobile App

A mobile app from Big Momma can help you market your Law Firm for a long term with minimal costs compared to other marketing platforms.

Owning a mobile app will immediately improve your standing. As a Law Firm you need an app to make it clear that you are in line with current trends.   Through word of mouth, people will discuss the benefits of your mobile app, your important move in getting your practice to embrace IT progress, and also your commitment towards your clients in terms of distributing this mobile app for free.

When your mobile app is fully developed and available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store your logo is immediately visible to millions of users who browse these stores daily. Your mobile app is going to be available to both your clients and also to new prospective ones. Today, browsing app stores, is similar to going through directory listings; except it is much more enjoyable and can be done from anywhere. Unlike browsing a directory, an app store will make your colored logo visible, and will even provide screenshots of how your legal mobile app looks.

Once the app is downloaded and installed on mobile phones, your exposure will instantly increase, as users will have your logo displayed on their mobile screens, viewable each time they look at their device. Although your clients might not need to contact you, each time they need make a call, read messages, or start to play one of their addicting games, they will see your logo right on their screen. This will continuously add brand recognition, and the best thing about it is, that all of this is done for free.

Mobile Apps vs Other Marketing Techniques

Although Big Momma’s clients still use billboards and TV/Radio commercials as an added means to building their brands, they now realize that a mobile app has a great advantage over these types of advertising mediums. While both billboards and TV/Radio ads can be big on impact, their viewing is momentarily. This is contrary to what a mobile app can offer, as once it is downloaded onto a smart phone, its presence is constant! This is proving to be very good value for money when it comes to marketing your firm.

If you are looking at innovative ways to market your Law Firm, there’s no better choice than a Big Momma legal app! Contact us here and let’s get started on creating your personalized legal mobile app.

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