What is Big Momma Time?

Big Momma Time is an online dashboard that allows you to easily edit the following information on your mobile app:

  • Attorney Biographies
  • Practice Areas
  • Firm Details
  • Tip Checklist Information
  • Social Media Links
  • Office Locations

Another important feature of Big Momma Time is that you will be able to send Push Notifications* directly to your mobile app users, from your computer.   This is a great way to keep close contact with your clients or prospective ones by sending messages and information. General messages such as “Accidents happen everyday, be safe driving today. Contact our firm for any legal help”, or “Our Team will be participating in X community event. Check out our Facebook page for more details”, will be appreciated by the receiver and at the same time keeping your firm on your client’s mind.

Big Momma Time can be accessed through this link:


*Push Notifications are SMS-like messages that you can send directly to users who have downloaded your mobile app.

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