What are good ways to get potential clients to discover my app?

Below you can find some methods, which our clients have used to advertise their mobile app.

  • Word of mouth – When clients call or visit your office, tell them about your legal mobile app.
  • Website – Put images and links on your homepage for new site visitors to find, and make sure to put particular emphasize on your app if you have a mobile website.
  • Social Media Pages – Use these mediums to regularly talk about your new mobile app.
  • TV and Radio Commercials – Some of our clients use both the TV and Radio to promote their mobile apps.
  • Billboard and Posters – This is another available method to get your mobile app known within your community. Tie these with QR Codes for easy downloads.
  • QR Code – Use a QR code on all your marketing material; which can be easily scanned to take users directly to your new mobile app.

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