Do you offer support for your mobile apps?

To offer you convenience, product support is included in our service fee. If your mobile app has issues or stops working for some reason or other, you can simply contact us and we will get it fixed as quickly as possible.

If we didn’t offer this service we won’t have a portfolio of over 300 legal mobile apps to showcase. After-sales support is one of our greatest assets when selling. There are many companies out there who offer mobile apps, but unfortunately they become inexistent as soon as you pay your bill. Big Momma is here for the long term.

We understand that most of our clients are not technically oriented and therefore we are here to smooth out any difficulties they encounter. This is our reliability promise; you can buy a legal mobile app from Big Momma and put your mind at rest that we will support you whenever you need. Contact us and we will arrange for a free consultation session.

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