How A Mobile App Helps Build Your Law Firm’s Brand

Logo Awareness

Big Brands spend millions of dollars into various marketing strategies to make their logo instantly recognizable. They take every opportunity to make their audience see and internalize their logo. The more impressions of their logo people are able to view, the more they internalize it. This comes to a point that if the owners change something, which might sound negligible like a slightly different font or the proportion of words to symbol, their followers immediately notice the difference.

All big brands have their own mobile app! This is because it is an ideal way to have people view their logo as many times as possible. There has never been a better way to make this happen than actually residing in your clients’ smart phone.

If your Law Firm develops its own mobile app, it means that users will look at your logo each time they use the mobile to make a call, send a text, check their Facebook or even play a game. Your logo will become recognizable and this will gain your trust with the app users.

Free Information

A free mobile app might sound similar to the traditional free agendas, pens or any other merchandise, companies distribute on different occasions. A mobile app however, is different! Apart from distributing a cool and trendy product for free, you are actually going a step further. Your mobile app is offering free useful tools and resources to the user.

This makes your mobile app desirable. People are going to want to download your mobile app, as they want to be able to access the resources you are giving away for free. Distributing information also puts your Law Firm in a position of trust and good standing. When it comes to choosing a lawyer, users will be much more willing to choose you, since they think of you as the professional who holds the knowledge.

Accessible 24/7

A mobile app is active 24/7 and users can view it at anytime and at any place, even when they are on vacation.   Your Law Firm is being marketed non-stop. You are there when they are simply browsing their mobile, but better yet, you are available when they actually need you. Having your app on their device means that if they need a lawyer while on the road, at a bar, or in some remote place, you are always immediately accessible with just a tap of their finger. With their device in the pockets or bags, you are basically traveling with them.

Direct Marketing Channel

One of the most important aspects offered with Big Momma’s apps is direct marketing through our Big Momma Time. To add value to the marketing aspects above, we have added an extraordinary tool that will allow you to interact with your users directly.   When you develop a mobile app with us, you will be able to send push notifications to your users to keep them close and engaged. You can send them new information, advice on any community activities; send inspiring or motivating messages or simply wish them well over the holidays. With a simple click of a button you can reach all your users that have your mobile app on their smart phone.

If you are ready to create your own legal mobile app, contact us here and we will help you to build your Law Firm brand.

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