Apple launches remodeled iOS 6 App Store

As reported by Tech Crunch, the acquisition of Chomp back in February has led Apple to completely revamp their App Store, particularly with its search and discovery features. The new iOS 6 App Store will come standard on the new iPhone 5, which is set to make its debut on September 12th. The website has released pictures and video of what the new app store will look like.

Adopting some of Chomp’s interface and algorithms has allowed Apple to give users an easier way to find what they want amongst the App Store’s 500,000+ apps. With the current App Store, many of the newer apps have a hard time breaking in and getting discovered. Apple hopes to change that with this new version, which will include swipeable “cards” in the search results in place of the old list format.

Apps will still be searchable by its current lists (Featured, Top Paid/Free/Grossing, etc.) and the Genius button will now appear at the bottom of the App Store instead of in the Featured Section. Since the new app store hasn’t been released yet, it’s possible that things can change. However, if these changes are applied, it looks to make app store optimization even more imperative going forward.

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