Android Apps Surge to 1 Billion Downloads every 30 days

On December 6, Google announced a major milestone, one that  might be making Apple a little nervous… and more importantly one that may give incentive to developers to start prioritizing Android

While Apple is winning the platform war on the ‘total download’ front with 20 Billion estimated total downloads, Android is setting a blistering pace. Consider this, as reported by Jason Kincaid of Techcruch  here in July of 2010 Android reached 1 billion downloads, one year later in July of 2011 the total reached 6 billion, but as of December 1st they were at 10 billion.  The current pace is projecting out at 1 billion downloads every 30 days.   This is in part due to number of Android phones that are being activated on a daily basis (550,000) and the projected number of Andorid phones that are aimed at middle and low price points.

This surge in the Android market further suggests that law firms and small businesses should develop apps not only for the iPhone but for Android as well.