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Every day, people are looking for your business -– and if they can’t find you, you are losing out on money.  At Big Momma Apps, we are at the cutting edge of social-media interaction.  Technology allows clients and potential customers to interact with you in ways never before possible, and it has never been more important to tap into the power of social networking.  We specialize in custom mobile phone applications for iPhones and Android phones, and our goal is to expand your business.

Apps for Attorneys

Our mobile phone apps for attorneys allow you and your firm to connect with your clients.  With our applications, you can provide information about your firm, outline your practice areas, and provide interactive directions to your firm.  With just a push of a button, a potential client can learn how you can help him or her.  And, because we take care of the whole process, you can concentrate on the most important part of your practice: helping your clients.

Apps for Political Campaigns

The voting demographic is currently going through one of the most drastic changes in history. This generation’s voters have never known a world without the Internet, and more recently, a world without smartphone devices. And with four million new voters turning 18 and entering the voting pool this year, utilizing mobile apps is more important than ever.

Smartphones are here to stay, we can all agree to that statement. With an estimated 152.5 million people across the United States owning a smartphone, it is impossible to ignore the escalating trend of smartphones swiftly making their way into the hands of the majority of U.S voters.

Build your political app today and stay connected by visiting our sister company, Summit Political Apps.

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